Negative Gearing – The Positives

the positives of negative gearing

    Own an investment property? Planning to buy an investment property? Not sure how negative gearing works and how it can benefit you? Then you must read this. Negative gearing means that the interest you are paying on the investment loan is more than the income. As a result you are making a loss. […]

Tax Amendments

mistake on your tax return

    Made a mistake on your tax return?   If you have made a mistake or need to amend your tax return, it is important you lodge an amendment as soon as you’ve realized the error made on your original return.   It is important to note that time limits apply for lodgment of […]

Tax Free Threshold

tax free threshold

    Tax Free Threshold   Is your refund smaller than last year?   Do you have an unexpected amount owing to ATO?   Why do I have to pay when tax rates have gone down and 1st $18,200 are tax free?   If you answered Yes to one of the above questions, you need […]

Rental Property Depreciation

  Rental Property Depreciation   The depreciation deductions that often go unclaimed   Depreciation continues to be one of the most common deductions missed as research suggests that just 20 per cent of property investors maximize the deductions they can claim.   On average, an income producing property owner can expect to claim between $5,000 […]

What happens if I don’t lodge a tax return?

What happens if I don’t lodge a tax return?   For most taxpayers earning more than the tax-free threshold – currently $18,200 – it is mandatory to lodge a tax return. In some cases, a taxpayer may be required to lodge a tax return even if they earn less than tax free threshold, for example […]

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