Remote Access Scams targeting Australia


Remote Access Scams targeting Australia


Has your mouse ever moved on its own? This could be an indicator that someone may have control of your device via Remote Access software!


A remote access scam is when someone contacts you to request you download software or an app that shares remote access to your device.   


These types of scams generally start with a phone call from someone claiming to be a legitimate organisation. However, there have been reports of individuals receiving an SMS, or a pop up alert on their device advising to call a number provided.   


During these scenarios, a caller is likely to put pressure on you to act, often using clever tactics to support their claims.


Tip: Legitimate businesses will never ask for your help to catch hackers.


If you’re asked to complete any of the following actions, you need to call your financial institution:



  • Download remote access software such as Team Viewer, Anydesk or Quick Support and sign in to your Online Banking
  • Share your security codes to return money that appears to have been credited to your account
  • Provide the bank an alternative story on the purpose of the transaction.



If you’ve acted on these instructions, you may have provided a third party with access to your online banking.


If you believe any of your recent online banking payments may be the result of a scam, please contact your bank immediately.



Note – This post has been issued in public interest and does not constitute to any tax or financial advice. Readers must make their own judgement after reading this post.