Income Protection Insurance – Why you need it?

income protection insurance

  Income Protection Insurance – Why you need it?   Income protection insurance insures your ability to earn income. Most of the times we insure our home, contents, investment properties, cars, boats and sometimes even our pets. But we often overlook and forget to insure our most valuable asset i.e. our ability to earn.   […]

Business Structures and Types

business structuring needs

  Choosing a structure   When deciding on a structure for your business, it is imperative to choose the one that best suits your business needs, keeping in mind that there are advantages and disadvantages for each structure.   It’s important to investigate each option carefully, as choosing your business structure is an important decision.   Business […]

Cash and Hidden Economy

  In simple terminology Cash and Hidden Economy means that you accept/pay cash for selling/buying product or services and do not declare that income/expense on your tax return.   Do you run a pizza shop, café, grocery store, restaurant or any other business in which you accept cash at point of sales? Do you report […]

Home office deductions: ATO substantiation requirements.

ATO substantiation requirements

    Home office deductions: ATO substantiation requirements.   Home office expense claims are subject to the same general substantiation requirements as other deductions – that is, records must be kept for five years.   But in practice, full compliance with the substantiation rules may be difficult. It may be simple to keep a receipt […]

Employee or Contractor

    It is important to know the differences between an employee and a contractor (also called an independent contractor or sub-contractor) as this will affect employer’s responsibilities and obligations, such as paying superannuation contributions and withholding tax from gross payments.   A worker isn’t automatically a contractor just because they have an ABN with […]

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