Benefits of using a Tax Agent

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Benefits of using a Tax Agent


  • Takes the stress out of completing your tax return.
  • Saves you time, as they lodge your return for you on your behalf. Completing the form yourself can take hours.
  • Can help get you more tax back by claiming all legitimate deductions that you may not be aware of.
  • You can claim the cost of a tax agent as a deduction in the following year’s tax return.
  • A tax agent can also provide personal advice in areas of taxation law.

What qualifications should my tax agent have?


Tax agents must be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) before they are able to charge for their service. Some practitioners can give advice and act as tax agents without being registered, as long as they are operating under a group that is registered by the TPB.


To be eligible as a registered tax agent, the individual must have a good record with no recent convictions, involvement in tax exploitation, ongoing bankruptcies, or imprisonment. Once registered, practitioners can bear the TPB registered symbol.


You can find registered agents by visiting the Tax Practitioners Board website on


Expert Tax are registered Tax Agents (Tax Agent ID – 25487840).


Expert Tax can be contacted on 0449 952 855 or 1300 8 MY TAX (1300 869 829)