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Ensuring you have sound, easily understandable and actionable financial advice around tax time is absolutely crucial. Whether you’re an employee or your run your own business in Truganina, we want to be there for you. Expert Tax is the firm you need around the end of financial year – or whenever you have need professional accounting services.

Our years of experience in the industry guarantee client satisfaction, ensuring that you have the support and the services you need to maximise your tax return and achieve your financial goals. Helping you grow your business or your wealth is our passion. If you’re looking for a firm that works with you as a partner in your success, get in touch.


More than just maximising your tax returns

It’s one thing to provide quality accounting services, and another entirely to help develop a client’s business. At Expert Tax, we believe that every owner of every business of every size should have access to quality mentorship. If you have just launched your own start-up or are expanding your business into unknown territory, our tax agents want to be there with you to help guide you towards success.

Our tax accountants can help you protect your business’ assets, especially during your initial few years. We provide quality advice to new business owners, helping them to make the smart decisions that plant the seeds for future success.

More goes into building a strong life for your family or business than just professional tax services; that’s why our business is able to provide a range of services supporting a variety of diverse goals. From connecting you with the best home or commercial loan for your needs, or establishing a registered training organisation or supporting you through the application process for a permanent residency or 457 visa, we’re there for you in more ways.

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Start a conversation with our professional team and discover how we could make tax time or building your business much easier, giving you more time to focus on what’s important.

Call today on +61 449 952 855 to speak directly to our team, or send us a message via email at or through our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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