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Partner with a firm who always puts your financial interests first. Expert Tax understands that filing a tax return can be a time-consuming and frustrating period for individuals and business-owners everywhere, so we want to make it simple and easy to maximise your return with minimal effort.

We provide relevant, actionable advice and high-quality services that safeguard and grow your wealth at a competitive price. We help everyone get the support they need to ensure their taxes are taken care of, so they have time to focus on what’s important. Whether that’s spending time with your family or focusing on your company’s core business, our tax accountants want to save you time and effort that would be more productively spent elsewhere. To that end, we offer some of the most affordable individual and corporate tax return and accounting services, putting quality accounting within everyone’s reach.


Providing the advice and services you need to reach your goals

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our expertise. To better support you in your professional and personal life, we offer a range of services including visa application, home and commercial loan brokerage and other administrative and professional services. Whether you’re looking to become a permanent resident or secure a loan to acquire mission critical plant and equipment, we’re there for you.

Expert Tax differentiates itself from other firms by choosing to be a partner to your company, not just a service provider. If you’re a new entrepreneur or business-owner, we want to give you the benefit of our years of expertise. We’re passionate about helping start-ups in every industry flourish and reach their full potential, so get in touch and speak to our consultants today.

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Everyone in Hoppers Crossing needs quality accounting and financial services, so find out how we could grow your wealth and save you time and effort with our help.

For more information, get in touch with our staff today over the phone on +61 449 952 855, or send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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